How can I find shows abroad?
I think it is easy to find it as famous musicians but hard to find it as bands kind like more underground, more contemporary and more stimulate, and I often think “Where are they?”. I used to attend such shows in Tokyo. However, when I went to other countries for visiting, I couldn’t find those informations by myself in spite of I really hope! Then I thought that international tourists who came to Tokyo also felt the same problem or didn’t know how to look for.
There are a bunch of shows in Tokyo every night. If you had a chance to come to Tokyo at least a few days, I don’t want you to lose the opportunity to get  great experiences in my country. And I know a lot of local cool places in Tokyo. That’s why I started this website. Basically, those informations are based in my experiences and communities. If you trust me and are interested in this website, we might meet up someday. If the time has come, let’s hanging out!!


Hello! I’m Masaya from Japan. I live in Setagaya city of Tokyo and mainly based on Shimokitazawa. I also play the guitar in two bands called DARK THE GIANT and OCHA∞ME. I also prefer to attend shows and listen music pretty much especially Rock’n’Roll and Punk. I’m so glad if you are interested in this website and share to your friends who are a similar to me. By the way, I also aim to use and practice English here. And sometimes I have got advices from international friends when I write as shop introduction pages. Anyway please have a good time in Tokyo and let’s enjoy Rockin’ tonight!!

And the logo is designed by Mary Blount.

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