The reason why I want to create this web site is because of the visiting to NYC I went to last month. The purpose was meeting up with my friends but I also wanted to attend shows and go to local spots as nightlife.
Before I arrive at there, in Japan, I had looked for show informations on Internet and I could find 6 shows of my favorite bands. After that, I asked my native friends in US and finally I could get 26 shows informations and attend 18 shows!
Then I thought “The local event doesn’t appear on Internet.”
The here and now, SNS became to general tools and support us to connect with persons each other. However, I think we need to connect with those persons if we want to get their activities.
Of course, fortunately I could do it because I have kindness friends in NYC but if I go to other countries for visiting, it might be hard to find local events except famous sightseeing spots.
If international tourists or people who live in Tokyo could find it easier, there might be more precious experiences in Japan. 
I usually spend enjoyable times with cool friends and know a lot of cool and local spots in Tokyo. I also want to make new friends who like rockin’ place and music. So I decided to try to create this site (Of course it is practice English for myself too!)

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