Shimokitazawa THREE is the one of the venue that keep trying to change customarily systems of Japanese Live House. For example, they regularly try to make own parties for charge-free (or we can name our price), and make the original budget plan to support international bands who come to Japan tour (Please contact them if you want the detail). I think they have a positive attitude to suggest the place usually has something fun, genreless but creative.
OCHA∞ME is composed of four girls singers who used to hang out together at there. They are singing like playing with sounds of various genres as power pop and indie soul. It seems like that they express the THREE’s concept. It’s also them character that they have some musicians who can play them instruments and I’ve joined in OCHA∞ME as backing guitar since last year. This means that we can perform anytime and anywhere. We released two EPs in this year and provided songs to some compilations. 

Our next show, we will perform at 19th June and 5th July at Shimokitazawa THREE and 28th June at Shizuoka City. If you want advertising tickets, please text me on the contact form of this site.

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