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Keen Reaction
Translation in English of Japanese Garage, Punk, R’n’R interviews and other stuff by Greg Snazz.

JetLag RocknRoll

Rocknroll travel guide series are made by great creators. In Tokyo version, Seiji (Guitar Wolf), the’s and Fifi (Teengenerate, Firestarter, the Tweezers) share their favorite places.
Travel details & map at here

Shows In Japan
*Shows in Japan usually list two times: Open time (when you can enter the venue) and Start time (when the opening band begins playing).

*Sometimes shows will have two charges listed. These charges are the Advance and Door prices. If you want to buy a ticket in advance for a reduced price, you must contact the band or the venue before the date. The method of contact depends on the event. Otherwise you can buy the ticket at the door for full price.

*Many shows in Japan require another 500-600 yen for a drink ticket in addition to the charge for the show. You can exchange this drink ticket for your first drink.

*Shows usually finish by around 11 PM or midnight. Keep track of time so you don’t miss the last train!

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